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Raising Standard of Living Across the Globe: HDPE for Water Pipelines, A Solution for Alternative Materials

The growing trend worldwide of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes and fittings for water distribution pipeline projects nowadays are becoming more and more distributed in Asia Pacific, especially among developing countries. Throwing back to many decades ago, traditional material, such as steel pipes, were commonly used for utility system. Later, an emergence of plastic pipes has been innovatively evolved to HDPE in modern water-supply networks. Importance of water supply network for both urbanized and rural population; not only for the standard of living, but also oil gas, powerplant, and countless industries, due to acceptable cost price with an effective solution which are crucial objectives.​

​Alternative to traditional materials; HDPE Pipe is more than 5 times less than the weight of steel pipes. Characterized with longer service life, low maintenance costs, high resistance to chemicals and weather conditions, remarkable special strength, light weight, and anti-corrosions compared to classic ones. Inside diameter of pipes does not change during the operation, even when the liquid in the pipe freezes, pipe will not break as it has capacity to expand by 5-7% and return to original state after defrosting (MDPI, 2020)

Looking upon interesting project reviews across the globe, for example, details of a world record tow of LLLD (long length large diameter) of PE100 pipeline from Norway to Malaysia covering 27,704km (14,959 miles), where convenient installation only took three months to complete. It would not be successful if traditional pipe materials like GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) pipes was used due to a silt soil and a large quantity of backfilling and pipe stability would be difficult (Borouge Pte.Ltd., 2020). Another lifetime assessment of subsea PE100 pipeline in replacement from a corroded and leaking carbon steel subsea pipe resulted in an operation for years without any leaks, a larger volume of produced water delivered from the product’s smooth internal surface feature, and a preservation for marineenvironment without any contamination (Borouge Pte.Ltd., 2020)

Thailand’s been significantly being one of the industry’s well-known HDPE market with an increasing number of players each year indeed allows our company to continuously develop and innovate HDPE plastic products. SR PE Group Co., Ltd., meticulously premium PE compounds selection ensure consistent pipe quality enabling the utility to reap full benefits of PE, for better water quality and lower leakage rates to convince client in the overall solution, proven by renowned public and private customers.

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