Low-cost multi-functioning accommodation “PROHOUSE” (Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Corrugated Mobile House) was repurposed from a water and a sewerage drainage pipe, and is allocated under any availability of above and underground areas. Available from ID (Inner Diameter) 2.6 to 2.8 meters; following lengths of 5.5 to 8 meters. Our audience maybe wondering, what’s the difference between housing of concrete pipe and steel reinforced HDPE corrugated pipe? The answer is convenience.​

Comparing to concrete pipe, PROHOUSE is built of HDPE and V-shaped zinc-plated steel which endures to high corrosion-resistance and weather-resistance to any conditions; containing a larger length per section of 6-12 meters, whereas, concrete pipe’s length per section is between 1-3 meters. Not to mention, an easily faster transportation and installation process because of its light-weighted feature. Investment to the new form of accommodation would probably take less than a five to seven years to breakeven when the house lasts more than 50-year minimum lifetime, while concrete pipe lasts for 20 years maximum.​

S.R PE Group ensures best customer satisfaction of a transformation to cozy shelter with your loved ones, working and meeting with colleagues, or even join mountain view beneath the ground. Starting at a price of $3,750* 


*The price includes a smart board floor and water and electrical system.  

*The price excludes a fully-furnished service.


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OPod Tube House (concrete pipe), Hong Kong​

PROHOUSE design inspiration, pr-architect​

PROHOUSE Superior Type​

half-pipe design​

PROHOUSE Pool Villa​

PROHOUSE Interior Design​

PROHOUSE Underground Construction​

PROHOUSE Co-working Space​

PROHOUSE Meeting Room​

The transformation of water pipes to an ultimate modern touch of above-underground living​

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The same old housing ideas are no longer attractive to the disruption of creativity nowadays; indeed, people from Gen Y to Gen X are rather looking for experience in accommodation as quality time spent among families, friends, and lovers are a number one priority. Previous outside-the-box housing concepts, such as, pool villa, treehouse, shipping container, bungalow, concrete pipe, and other several housing types; have been accommodated by almost everyone around the world. Later, us shifting the movement of housing industry to a multi-functioning infrastructure from a regular water drainage steel reinforced HDPE corrugated pipe to innovative knock-down mobile house also plays an important role of disrupting a housing industry.​

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