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“Net Zero Day” Inspired by The Best Water Management Practice in The World

           Climate change crisis upon humans’ behavior hasbecome increasingly severe and a difficult challenge to solve. Thailand is oneof the developing countries committed to UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)with the purpose of going net zero by 2065-2070 since Thailand’s vowed in 2015to reduce its emission by 20%. However, the lack of water schemes due to anongoing water loss from mainly public sectors, including PWA and MWA negativelyimpact water consumption and increasing shortage to all stakeholders. 80% ofall drinking water comes from ground water springs and is generally of goodquality. However, it is contaminated by agricultural fertilizers, pesticides,and livestock waste. Several solutions for water management practice around theworld, hence, inspired our country to generate developing ideas to raise astandard of water supply network and build convenience and luxury for tap-waterconsumption.

Countries known for wealthiest country for immensenatural scenery, resource, GDP, innovation that are commonly known for Net ZeroDay like Cape Town, South Paulo, Indonesia, London, Beijing, Istanbul, Tokyo,Mexico, and Bangalore; key responsibilities are to supply city with criticalinfrastructure services including electricity grid, gas network, districtheating, and water. In another word, piping system also plays an important rolefor solving public utilities system. Management by municipality is the mostcommon scheme in Switzerland because the country is dedicated to public watersupply, improved sanitation, household, and agriculture similarly to Thailand;upon an area of 41,277 square km.

           Pipingsystem although has been considered as expensive assets for public utilities,the most effective technological and practical skills are necessary to mastereffective construction and reduce maintenance cost of a water supply network.Such as, connection of usage of pipe materials, pumps, and electrical equipmentin general. Our factory, for example, has been certified for the welding skillof polyethylene pipe level no.1 according to Department of Skill Development inSamutsakorn, Thailand; meaning welders working on pipeline showing a certifiedinstitution conforming that he is able to weld to a standard before he isallowed to start the job. An elimination of struggling with surroundingclusters of houses to buy water sources are supported by several initialprojects consisted of hundreds up to thousands of kilometers of pipes. Demandof main pipe rose very quickly under house connections; from 100 liters to 300liters within the first 10 years. For this reason, pipes that were used insmaller scales had to be replaced by bigger ones. The main’s pipe network foractual water demand is designed on larger pipe scales between DN630-1200mm. toexpand water flow rate have been commonly used in Thailand. Well-known for undergroundacross river; nominal pressure of 10 bars is preferred for HDD system.

Apart fromthe material itself, looking upon a long-life term demand; prospective designfrom international and local consults and designers who design the network isvery important in prior to the construction phase. The dynamic designingstandard should keep up with increasing demands of water and electricalconsumption. Proven to be very cost-effective over the long run. Some of thepipes laid more than 50 years ago in Switzerland still are in use today.
Pipe manufacturers guarantee their PEpipes to last at least 50 years. As the supply network is designed generously,it is realistic to expect that the pipes will actually stay in the ground forat least this long.

Notonly improving water management practice saves water loss among public andprivate sectors that are estimated approximately 100,000 cubic meters of waterloss per day across provincial and municipal areas; but improving the capacityof water transmission and its quality also enhances population’s standard ofliving and boost the country’s economic GDP, especially under industrial andagricultural fields.