Get to Know Trending FAQ for HDPE Pipe & Fittings Industry

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Q: Does the company calculate shipping cost for delivery?

A: Free shipping for Bangkok and greater-Bangkok areas


Q: What is the difference between PE80 and PE100 HDPE Pipe?

A: PE80 and PE100 is the quality class of HDPE pipes with the same pipe size and capacity for receiving pressure nominal (PN) with following features: 
• PE100 has a pipe wall thinner than PE80
• PE100 has a pipe weight per meter less than PE80
• PE100 has more velocity of flow rate in the pipe than PE80 because the pipe wall is thinner but same diameter
• PE100 can be installed under the soil deeper than PE80
• PE100 can be supplied with the same pressure at different temperatures as PE80
• PE100 has a lower ratio of loading pressure when the temperature rises, like PE80


Q: Type of HDPE Application

A: 1. PE pipe for drinking water system, agriculture water supply
2. PE pipe for cable wiring system (telecommunication), firefighting
3. PE pipe for drainage system and wastewater



Q: How much PN does the plumbing work applies?

A: PN6-PN12.5 on average









Q: What are the pipe sizes of standard section?

A: 6/12/15 meters (made-to-order is available)


Q: What is the pipe size of standard coiling?

A: 50/100 meters (made-to-order is available)


Q: What are the coilable pipe sizes?

A: No more than 180mm. of pipe sizes can be coiled according to PE80/PE100 
• PE100: coilable from PN8 
• PE80: coilable from PN6


Q: What types of trucks are available for pipe filling capacity? 

A: 1. Pick-up Truck: suitable for a small number of pipes; containable for both 6-meter tube and coil pipe
2. Trailer: suitable for loading 12-15 meters of pipes
3. 6-wheel Truck: suitable for a large number of pipes of all sizes; 6/12/50/100 meters
 * Tubes with a length of 6-12 meters can insert small pipes into large pipes


Q: How can PE pipe fittings be welded?

A: Welding by heat


Q: Which pipe sizes are suitable for compression?

A: 20 – 110 mm.


For Plumbing System:

Q: How many colors of pipes for water supply system are there?

A: All black/blue stripes with black


Q: How many types of pipe fittings are available for water system?

A: 2 types of HDPE fittings are divided into:
1. Welding
2. Compression


Q: What are maximum-minimum temperature of HDPE pipe for the water system’s endurance to the pressure?

A: 40C° to 80C°


Electrical Conduit:

Q: What are the pipes colors?

A: Orange stripes with black/white stripes with black/yellow stripes with black


Q: How many types of HDPE fittings for conduit application?

A: 5 types of HDPE fittings are divided into:
1. Coupling A
2. Coupling B (outer thread)
3. Coupling B (inner thread) 
4. Bends 90 C°
5. Bell End


Q: Why are HDPE pipes selected as one of the most cost-saving for industrial and general work / projects?

A: HDPE pipes provides lowest product cost considered when compared to other pipe installation systems because an extremely high-resistant PE pipe does not cause leakage, including 50-year minimum lifetime and the convenience of transporting light-weighted pipes during delivery and installation.


Q: Is the strength of HDPE pipes better than other types of pipes?

A: HDPE pipes are made from a premium-quality and high-efficient compounds. Therefore having excellent strength, with durability under a very high external and internal collision pressure certainly does not cause any damage to the product; resistant to any inappropriate tapping from project site. In addition, HDPE pipes are bendable 25-40 times of pipe diameter, while PVC, steel and asbestos cement pipes are unable to bend.

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