We, S.R PE Group Co., Ltd​. under the trade mark "SR", are specialized in producing HDPE pipes and fittings for water and electrical utilities, steel wires reinforced polyethylene for drainage and wastewater collection systems, water tanks, and the invention of knock-down house.​

S.R PE Group Co., Ltd​

บริษัท เอส.อาร์ พีอี กรุ๊ป จำกัด​

"S.R PE Group Company Limited is a private company established in 2000. We manufacture and distribute HDPE pipes and fittings for water transporting, and cable and electrical conduit under the trademark SR that has been recognized by both the public and private sectors, both national and international. We have got potential

 and progressive development with support from the National Science and Technology Development Agency and leading institutions in Thailand. This leads us to the success by receiving  petty patent from the Department of Intellectual Property, such as the first-ever invented steel-reinforced polyethylene pipes PROPIPE, steel-reinforced polyethylene water tanks PROTANK, steel-reinforced polyethylene knock-down house PROHOUSE and so on. These innovations meet the needs of the market demand. It plays an important part in solving national issues as well. We, therefore, strive to continuously develop new innovations to create new options for this country in both the public and private sectors. This commitment is our position which we want to be the HDPE leader in Thailand and corresponds to population's need for public utilities with the best quality in an affordable price."


"The true meaning of value is a premium quality, reasonable price, and one-stop service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction."​​

Unique selling proposition​

More than 20 years of experiences​

เรามีประสบการณ์นับมาแล้ว 20 ปี ในอุตสาหกรรมฯ​

Dedicated and skilled management team​


Leading in HDPE Pipe &

Fittings Industry in Thailand​



One-stop laboratory service for quality assurance​


Exceptional guest services, with

fast delivery and installation.​

บริการให้คำปรึกษา รวมถึงการจัดส่งและการติดตั้งที่รวดเร็ว​

Promotional offer for optimum

customer satisfaction​



The company was established.​

We expanded factories to increase production potential​

We invested in a lastest and complete testing laboratory that can increase the production capacity of 15,000 tons/year.​

Our R&D team innovated the PROPIPE​

PROPIPE has been certified with a petty patent by the Department of Intellectual Property.​

Our R&D team innovated the PROTANK, and it has been certified with a petty patent by the Department of Intellectual Property.​

We drafted the TIS. 1933-2016 standard for steel reinforced polyethylene pipes and recieved an award from the Thailand City Innovation Challenge project contest which solve the water issues in the communities.​

Steel reinforced polyethylene pipes have been registered in the Thai Innovation Account (NIA).​


“S.R PE Group Co., Ltd. aims to be a leader in the manufacturing industry. We produce the best HDPE pipes and fittings, and we're an essensial driving force for public utilities for people both in the country and ASEAN.”


S.R PE Group Co., Ltd. is committed to developing innovative HDPE products, as well as increasing the competitiveness with good quality and reasonable prices. We also aim to create one-stop services to ensure the highest satisfaction for customers and societies. This can help us to move forward with a stable and sustainable movement.​


Work together to create work processes to achieve organizational goals​


Sincere and trustworthy working environment for all stakeholders​


Positive attitude is the origin of happiness and efficiency in the organization.​


Skilled for working with qualifications and capabilities which can increase the limitation of competition in the organization​


Excellent quality, products, and services​


Love the challenge, being proactive​


Work towards the goal​









Core Value​

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S.R. PE Group Co., Ltd is found​

Factory’s expansion for maximizing manufacturing capability ​​

Investment in innovative and one-stop laboratory which adds up manufacturing capability up to 15,000 ton/year​

Professional R&D team developed PROPIPE, a first, proven-track record of ø1,200 mm. HDPE ​​

PROPIPE is officially certified with patent by Department of Intellectual Property ​​

R&D team continuously developed PROTANK and is certified with another patent by Department of Intellectual Property​​​

Locally well-recognized standard accredited to PROPIPE under TIS.2764-2559; scale expanded to ø3,000 mm.​

PROPIPE is officially registered under Innovation List of Thailand by NSTDA (National Science & Technology Development Agency)​​









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